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How does the room availability change?
How does the room availability change?
Updated over a week ago

With OTA Sync changing availability manually is a thing of the past because when you set up rooms and room numbers availability is automatically added for all future periods.

All reservations coming from OTA channels are automatically added in the system and availability is auto-decreased thanks to our channel manager.

And all reservations you have from our Booking Engine or reservations that you manually enter are also automatically decreasing availability and these numbers are auto-sent to OTA channels also.

So basically there is no need that you ever manually change the number of available rooms in the OTA Sync dashboard but if you for some reason want to do it it is, of course, possible through our calendar by simple selecting or clicking on the desired date and change availability to the number you want (check bellow).

If you wish to close the availability of the entire property or some units for specific periods in the year, please check this article.

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