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How to set minimum number of nights (minimum stay)?
How to set minimum number of nights (minimum stay)?
Updated over a week ago

You can set minimum number of nights in 2 ways on OTA Sync platform:

  • Compact - always the same for entire year - unchangable for specific dates but only for entire period

  • Daily - Add default value and later have possibility to change that value for any specific date

To add/edit compact value do this:

  1. Go to Settings > Prices & Restrictions > Restricions

  2. Add New Restriction of Type: Compact and adjust Minimum Stay

  3. Edit the Pricing Plan you want to apply with this Restriction and down in Restrictions select restriction plan you just created.

To add/edit daily value do this:

  1. Again first create restriction plan but now Type: Daily (or just use our default restriction plan that is automatically created)

  2. Edit the Daily restriction plan and add default Minimum Stay

Now if you want to edit minimum stay for only specific days to be different than default values you should go to Calendar > Prices and Restrictions

Then choose date range you wish to update. Tab Restrictions. Restriction Plan to update. Expand Room Type Settings and enter minimum stay you want. Submit.

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