How to set up LOS prices?

Setup different prices based on guest length of stay.

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Everything in OTA Sync is so easy and this option is not an excuse.

So LOS is different prices based on a guest's length of stay, meaning that you can set up, for example, 100EUR per day for a 1 night reservation, 90EUR for 2 nights, 80EUR for 3 nights etc..

To accomplish this first you would need to Settings > Prices/Restrictions

There you need to create one new Restriction Plan where you put minimum stay 1 and maximum stay 1, like this:

Then you create a new Pricing Plan which you connect with this Restriction Plan, like this:

Now this means you created a rate plan which can be booked only if a guest is searching for 1 night (min and max).

The same logic will be applied for 2nights:

Here you can do an Automatic Pricing Plan and % of fixed variation so you don't have to manually calculate how much is cheaper for 2nights. For example, we put a 10% lower rate per night if the guest books 2 nights.

And finally, we want to have a rate that is 3+ nights in our example:

Here we did not put number 3 in Max Stay because we want to let the guests book as many nights as they want. (placing 0 means unlimited)

And finally rate plan:

There you go, you successfully created 3 rate plans and if your daily price is 100EUR it will be like this for the guests:


100EUR per night


90EUR per night

3+ nights

80EUR per night

You can do any variation you need for your specific use case.

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