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How do I change prices in the OTA Sync System?
How do I change prices in the OTA Sync System?
Updated over a week ago

To change prices in our system there are multiple options:

  1. Directly in the Calendar change price for specific room type and for short periods the best option is to do it directly in the calendar by following this manual

  2. Change it in the Prices and Restrictions section by reading the instructions below (preferred for editing prices for multiple rooms/date ranges):

First, go to Calendar > Prices and Restrictions.

Then choose the date range (or multiple date ranges) for which you want to apply the price for different room types, days in the date range, pricing plan, and prices for specific room plans:

Bonus Feature on the Page: We also have a 365 graph view for viewing prices for all room types easily for entire year. Just hover your mouse.

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