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How to add OTA Sync Booking Engine Widget on your website?
How to add OTA Sync Booking Engine Widget on your website?
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A widget is a website element that can be added to your website and is displayed like a search bar or search button. This article will show you how you can install our pre-built widget on your existing website. These do require a minimum knowledge of HTML, so make sure to be careful when adding them.

How does it look?

The look and feel of the Booking Engine is fully customizable.

Some examples are:

How to create such examples?

It is very easy through our specialized Booking Engine Generator.

There are multiple options such as:

  • Single or Multi-Property Booking Engine

  • Background Color

  • Text Color

  • Language

  • Horizontal or Vertical View

  • Background Gradient

  • Background Image if you prefer

  • Option to show/hide box for children

  • Option to show/hide box for Promo Code Section

  • Option that Engine Widget is always in the fixed bottom position

When you click on Generate you will see a code snippet that you need to paste on your website and an example below of how the generated widget will look.

Now how to find your ID you can see here:

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Go to General

  3. On bottom-left you have this number, copy it and paste instead number above in bold

Copy this ID and paste it instead code "276" above

If you have Wordpress site we suggest you using our official WordPress plugin instead this.

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