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How to charge reservation with OTA Payments (STRIPE)
How to charge reservation with OTA Payments (STRIPE)

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Well, this is one of our favorite features as it saves so much time to people and saves them from forgetting to be charged virtual cards and you don't need to have a physical POS machine.

The benefits are enormous and installation and daily operation is super simple, here are the steps:

1. Go to Settings (bottom left) > Marketplace > STRIPE Direct

2. If you do not have a STRIPE Account click on 'Create Account' and if you have it already click on 'Connect Existing Account'

3. Whatever you choose you need to register with your data or log in to your existing STRIPE account and verify your phone number

After you do that OTA Payments will automatically identify all your Virtual Cards and automatically 1 day after guest check-in it will auto-charge those credit cards with exact amounts that are in reservations and send you an email in the morning so you are assured that money is transferred to your Stripe account so you can start the day with a smile :)

For other reservations which are regular (non virtual cards) you have button in each reservation that says 'CHARGE' and you will charge guest entire amount.

For private reservations which do not have credit cards, you can still ask your guests to pay you advance or the entire amount in order to confirm their reservation by simply clicking on the option 'PAYMENT LINK' and after you enter the amount, the guest will receive an email with a magic link on which he can enter and securely pay with any type of payment he prefers and you'll get confirmation and that will be written in your Stripe & OTA Sync account automatically.

Have more ideas on how to improve this? Write us at [email protected].

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