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FAQ About OTA Payments
FAQ About OTA Payments
Updated over a week ago
  • Is there a setup fee?

    • No, there is no setup fee.

  • Does it fully automatic charge Virtual Credit Cards?

    • Yes, the payment gateway charges automatically the Virtual Credit Cards from the OTAs such as, Expedia, Hotelbeds or others. We send you automated payment confirmation for all transactions in the morning and money is being sent to you as per the agreement.

  • Can I charge other cards except virtual cards?

    • Yes you can, you have button in the system 'CHARGE' so you can charge any guest card. You are not available to view any guest card details for the security as it is tokenized but you are able to charge it anytime you need.

  • Can I pre-authorize credit card?

    • Yes you can. Sometimes when it is a reservation with a free cancellation it is better just to pre-authorize the card then charging the money and returning it back to the customer if he cancel in the free cancellation period. Pre-Authorization costs only 0.2EUR per transaction.

  • When the money is released to my account?

    • The money is being held 7 working days and then it is released on Monday or Thursday each week, whichever is sooner.

  • How much is your commission?

    • We charge only 0.5% per transaction and there are also ICC++ costs together with some bank fees. All in all gross transaction fee is varying from 2.5-3.5% depends on the region and the customer card type.

  • Are payments automatically recorded in OTA Sync PMS?

    • Yes, successful payments are automatically recorded under the reservation payments and the financial reports. Invoices being commercial documents, can be issued manually.

  • Can I receive money in my local currency?

    • We work with more than 150 countries so there are high chances that we support sending money in your local bank account currency to avoid any conversion fees. We cover all major currencies such as EUR, USD, GBP and even RSD.

  • How does OTA Sync help with chargebacks?

    • Chargebacks are a part of business, but they can also be time consuming to manage – time you don’t have. If a chargeback happens, we’ll be there at every stage to help support you. You’ll receive an automatic notification about opened disputes. From there we’ll share guidelines on how to manage the dispute, communicate with the payment provider, and help you submit evidence until it’s resolved.

  • Is this secure and reliable?

    • Our system and Microsoft Azure servers and payment gateway provider are fully PCI DSS compliant. All card details are tokenized, meaning no raw data sits within OTA Sync and no one can see real guest credit card details which means we are as secure as it is possible.

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