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Difference between overbooking & split reservations?
Difference between overbooking & split reservations?

What is the difference between overbooking and split reservations and how to handle them

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We use two terms to describe potentially problematic reservations and it is very important to learn the difference and how to handle them correctly.

Overbooking reservation

A synonym would be an "overlapped". This means, that at the time when the reservation was made your availability for that unit type was 0, and you already have all units reserved for some period of the new reservation. This is how you will notice them (oh and we are sending you an email also, as soon as we notice overbooking).

In case you are not sure how this happened please get in touch with us through our support chat and we will help you figure out what happened. Our experience shows that overlapped reservations mostly happen in these cases:
> if you manually increase your availability on OTA Sync,
> if you increase availability on online sales channels
> if you have an allotment with online sales channels

Another, less frequent, cause for overlapped reservations is manual cancellation of reservations that come from OTA channels. When you cancel manually reservation which came from a channel, in your OTA Sync calendar, you are increasing the availability which is then sent towards all connected channels. However, if that same reservation gets cancelled directly on the channel by the guest (or the channel itself), the availability on the channel will increase once more, and create this fictitious availability which will not be visible in your OTA Sync calendar, if your availability limit has already been reached. Therefore, this situation poses a risk of overbooking.

Therefore: Under no circumstances should one cancel manually reservations that came from OTA channels. Those reservations should be cancelled on the channel where they came from because manual intervention can create an issue. Manual cancellation should be used only for reservations which were done directly via your Booking engine, by phone/email, or walk-in.

Split reservation

In most cases split reservations are not problematic and can be solved within seconds. The term "split reservation" describes a longer reservation where OTA Sync was unable to assign a single unit to your guests for the duration of their stay. These reservations looked the same as overbooking but difference is for that you will have correct availability and therefore you know that it is easy solvable solution.

Here is split reservation and instructions on how to solve this issue:

In order to resolve this you have to rearrange reservations in that period. Reservations can be moved from one unit to another with left mouse click (drag&drop action).

Pro tip: we advise to monitor split reservations closely, as they can happen regularly if you have more units assigned to one unit type. By actively working on them in advance you will avoid any potential issues.

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