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How to issue an advance invoice and assign it to the existing invoice?
How to issue an advance invoice and assign it to the existing invoice?
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So there is a standard situation in the hospitality industry where a guest makes the reservation, you ask for prepayment, and the guest pays it. Then upon check-in or checkout, you need to issue an invoice containing the prepaid amount and the guest needs to pay the rest of the total amount.

How to do this on OTA Sync?

1. When creating the reservation there is an option to add payment and you need to check the box that says 'Create Advance', and continue to the reservation confirmation

2. When you do this you will automatically be redirected to that advance invoice preview, if all is good (and it should be as it automatically pulls values previously entered) just hit the save button.

You can use the options below to Print this advance invoice, send it to the customer email, or export it to Excel. You can also put some notes for your reference.

3. When the guest arrives at your property and asks for the final invoice. The procedure is next:

A) Enter the reservation and click on the INVOICE icon

B) You will be redirected to the final invoicing, page.

In order to issue the final invoice which contains your previously added advance invoice you need to go to the part where the 'Payment Method' and change the first Payment Method to 'Advance Invoice' and Add One More Payment Method which will be the payment method of which the customer is paying rest of the due amount.

Like this:

When you do all of this you can SAVE and you will see 'Remaining Amount' is updated and then you can print/send to email/excel the document as the final invoice.

Also please do not to forget to mark that the Invoice is Paid for the accurate reports later.

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