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How to create an Invoice
How to create an Invoice
Updated over a week ago

To create an invoice in OTA Sync it is pretty simple and straightforward after you do the setup.

If you still did not do setup for invoices we advise you to check:

1. Settings > General > Add your Logo, Property Name, TIN, Registration Number, City, Address, Bank Account details, and Company Name if applicable..

2. Settings > Boards & Taxes > Please add if your taxes are included or excluded from the reservations prices and how much in % they are. Also, you can add City Taxes if you want to add them in the Invoice.

When you did all of that, creating invoices will be super simple.

Just click on any reservation and click on the symbol below.

After that you will see invoice created with all your property details you already predefined earlier + with client details and with services that were included in the reservation.

  1. You can edit invoice details, such as type of document (if you need proforma or advance invoice), date of issue...

  2. You can not edit property details in invoice, it is explained where to edit on top of this article

  3. Client Guest details are fully editable

  4. Invoice services can be edited as described:

    1. Quantity can be decreased to a desired number that should end up on the invoice. The rest will be saved in the system and will be available for further payment

    2. Price can be adjusted by changing value in the field Per unit. If the price is set to "0", date item will be removed from and invoice. Please, be advised, that this removing a service this way won't affect the reservation itself and the reservation based reports. If a service is inserted by mistake, it is always better to remove it from the reservation.

    3. Adding new item to the invoice

  5. Choosing payment method

  6. Any kind of note can be added to the invoice

  7. Last step is to confirm the invoice

After saving the invoice you will get the new options to operate with invoice.

So you can Print invoice, Send it to fiscal system (available in some countries), Export to excel sheet or send to guest email.

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