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How to activate MiniMax Connection?
How to activate MiniMax Connection?
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Minimax is an online business accounting program designed for entrepreneurs and bookkeepers in Slovenia, Croatia & Serbia. It allows users to manage their business operations 24/7 from anywhere without the need for installation or additional equipment. The program offers features like automated processes, real-time updates, and compliance with legal standards. Minimax also provides a demo version, extensive customer support, and a variety of resources including tutorials, webinars, and blogs to assist users in managing their finances. For more details, you can visit their website at

To activate integration with MiniMax in OTA Sync

  1. After you Log In go to your Profile and then Add New Application.

3. Add the same Application name and username as username you are using for Log In and add the same password you are using for the log in.

4. Go to OTA Sync Dashboard

5. Go to Settings > Marketplace > and on bottom find MiniMax and Activate

6. In the new popup add the same username and password that you entered in the Minimax (step 3)

7. After fiscalization of each Invoice there will be option 'MINIMAX' which should be clicked

That's all. The invoice should be successfully sent to the Minimax system.

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