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How to add a new private reservation?
How to add a new private reservation?
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Creating new private reservations in our system is quite easy.

You can go to Calendar or Reservations tab and then click on the green 'plus' icon above the calendar.

When you did that a popup opens.

In that popup you need to:

  1. Choose a date range (first click on the check-in date and then on the check-out date)

  2. Then choose Room Type (the system will show you only available ones for that period)

  3. Then choose Room Number (if it is different then the default one system selects)

  4. You can also change the price per day or the total price

  5. Click Add Room

If you want to add multiple rooms for the same reservation just repeat steps 1-5 above and then click on 'next'.

After that, you need to add guest details. You can add only the primary guest (who will be in charge for reservation) or you can add all the guests. There is also a 'pen' icon next to guest's last name so you can add additional guest details such as phone, email, country, etc.

Click 'next'.

Here is how it looks in first two steps:

Then you can add additional details such as some extras if the guest has already paid you something, a discount maybe, and select board.

After clicking next you will see the reservation summary and you'll have the option to add some internal reservation notes and the possibility to send reservation confirmation to the guest's email also.

Click 'Confirm' and the reservation is created.

Kako dodati novu grupnu rezervaciju?

Kreiranje grupnih rezervacija se vrši preko iste ikonice “plus” kao iza privatnu rezervaciju, nakon čega se odabira opcija Grupna rezervacija

U ovoj formi prvo se odabiraju osnovni parametri (period, cenovni plan…)

nakon čega se odabiraju sobe, cena i broj osoba

Dalji koraci su isti kao i za privatnu rezervaciju.

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