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After adding Room Types most important thing is to add Rate Plan(s) and fill it with prices.

It is usual that properties do have different prices during the year. Example: High and Low season, New Year, Weekends etc.. So your prices can vary from 50 to 150 for same property in different periods every year.

Unless most of the systems where you need to manually enter periods and prices each year (a lot of clicking each time) – with our latest update on rate plans we automatized that as much as it was possible.

How to add rate plan?

By deafult system will always create “Default Price” rate plan. You can always edit it, delete it or create new ones.

To do so, go to: Settings > Prices / Restrictions.

Types of rate plans:

In our system we have 2 types of rate plans.

  1. Manual > Where you add prices on your own

  2. Automatic > It inherits prices from some Manual Rate Plan and add variation on these prices. Example: 10% lower than Standard Rate.

1. Manual Rate Plans

2. Automatic Rate Plans

Change prices through Calendar for specific period

There are few ways to override default room prices set up in above mentioned rate plans.

  1. Directly from Calendar

Simply select dates

2. From Prices and Restrictions Tab

Here from Calendar > Prices and Restrictions tab go to Work on: Price option.

As always for any questions, You can click bellow on Submit Ticket and we will answer you with a detailed explanation.

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