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How to reset your credit card password?
How to reset your credit card password?
Updated over a week ago

If you are using our channel manager and can view guest credit card details directly on OTA (, Expedia, and others), then you can view it directly in our system too.

In order to make the system as secure as possible, we are using additional passwords to view credit card details.

When you register your account this password is the same as the master password.
The master password is the password of the user account who registered the property on OTA Sync.

To change this password can be done only by the master and it can be done in 2 ways:

1. If you know your master password (or old credit card password):

Go to: Settings > General > Credit Card Settings and there you will have the option to enter the old and then the new password

2. If you do not know your master password or your old credit card password:

You need to go and reset your master password and then your credit card password will become your login password.

!Important - We strictly recommend that you have separated passwords for login and for credit card details as hacker attacks are much less likely to happen that way!

So when you reset your master password, BE SURE to go to Settings > General > Credit card settings and change your credit card password to be different from the master password for entering the system.

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