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Fast Check-In Module
Updated over a week ago

By activating this module from the marketplace you are getting this option in the dashboard:

How does it work?

When the guest arrives in the property for a check-in they give you their ID or Passport.

You then scan this ID or Passport in the Scanner that you have integrated with out system or if you do not have the scanner Scan it with our Mobile App.

(image where this option is to be found in our Mobile App)

When you scan the Guest ID you should click on the symbol that can be found next to the Search Bar from the image above.

When clicking it System will automatically open the reservation from that Guest if the guest with that Document Number exists for today's arrivals. If not, it will open you the guest with the same First Name and Last Name.

If no guests exist under the above written conditions we will give you the option to create a new guest with scanned document details so you can easily create a new reservation for him.

Basically with this feature you can fast check-in your guests without long time needed to find their reservation or enter their document details if they are walk-in guests.

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