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Housekeeping Module - Installation & Operations
Housekeeping Module - Installation & Operations
Updated over a week ago

When we were developing the housekeeping module inside the OTA Sync we were thinking of hoteliers who want to do things fast and efficiently and yet automatize them as much as possible.

So there are a few things to consider:

1. Housekeeping settings
2. Housekeeping reports

3. Housekeeping App

1. Housekeeping Settings

When the guest is in the room, each property has a different period of days when they do regular cleaning.

Also, some hotels want that room gets automatically cleaned after the guest checkout while others want to do it manually.

That is why in Settings > General > Reservation Settings, we have those 2 options.

The reception has the option in the calendar to mark the room as:

  • Clean

  • Regular cleaning (while the guest is in the room)

  • General (after the guest checkout)

  • Out Of Service

It can be done through a calendar.

2. Housekeeping Reports

In case you don't give your housekeeping team the app for the housekeeping tasks or just want to have a report of the next housekeeping tasks there is a report for that.

Go to Settings > Reports > Housekeeping

You will see options to choose dates, different room types, or even show only rooms that are for the cleaning regular or dirty and now show clean ones.

Then there is a summary table which shows how many arivals, stayovers or departures are per each room type.

And at the end a detailed table with each room and its current status and if there are guests in it.

You can print all those details in pdf or Excel.

If you want this email to be automatically sent each day for example on your email please see this helpful article:

3. Housekeeping App

If you want to enable your housekeeping team to use our mobile app and to update new rooms' status directly there (which is synced to the reception system) you can use our mobile app for that.

All features they will have are:

  • Update new room status

  • Report if something was consumed from the Minibar

  • Report if something lost is found in the room (some guest item)

  • Report if there was some damage in the room

To add a new user:

  • Go to Settings > Users > Add New

  • Add User Type: Housekeeping, Room Settings: Allow and of course select all rooms they should have access to

  • If you wish to add ability for Lost & Found and Maintenance management to the housekeeping user just add them Report Settings: Full Access

By adding them here they will receive a confirmation link on their email and they should click on that link to confirm their account and create a password for the app.

When you created access to them they can download our mobile app from the Google Play or App Store.

After installing the app on their mobile device they should log in and see a screen like this:

This is the default view when they open their app.

Here all rooms are visible by their numbers.

In this example, we can see that room number 1 is dirty and room number 2 is clean.

Let's try to click on Room No. 1.

The housekeeping team can here change the Room status from Dirty or General to Clean.

By clicking on the Minibar they will show all content on the minibar and can choose how much of each item was consumed and that will automatically go to the customer's invoice.

If something is found in the room or something is broken they can add that item too and add an image of it and later you can find this in the Reports > Lost & Found Report and Reports > Damage Report.

Simple and effective.

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