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Everything about banquet feature in OTA Sync
Everything about banquet feature in OTA Sync

Have some other spaces except rooms that you rent hourly or daily such as halls to organize conferences, seminars, cocktail parties etc.?

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The banquet department is the major revenue-producing department. It concentrates on selling all the hotel facilities to potential guests.

The function of catering is under the direction and control of the banquet manager. The function is organized within the banquet hall, the size of which varies from hotel to hotel. Read more here...

How to enable banquet feature in the OTA Sync?

As everything in OTA Sync system this is also quite simple :)

Go to Settings > Marketplace > Inactive > Banquet > Activate

How to add banquet halls?

When you activated banquet feature from the step above go to Settings > Rooms/Extras > and new column will be there to add new banquet halls

Popup for adding banquet feature will be pretty straight forward where you need to add name of banquet hall, price per hour, how many halls of this type you have and a description for your internal reference.

How to add and manage reservations for banquet?

When you have activated banquet feature and added banquet halls now you can manage reservations for it.

Go to Calendar > Banquet calendar and you will see new calendar view which is hourly based.

There you can create new reservations, change days, and view all your bookings.
On each reservation you can click to view additional details.

To create new booking it is simple, choose start date/hour and end date/hour.
Choose which banquet hall you are booking and for which event type.
There is also field to choose status of the booking: Offer Sent, Pre-Agreement, Agreement Signe, Paid, Realized which will be used later in the reports.
Also enter price, guest details and there is even option if you want the reservation to be linked to a hotel room reservation.

There is also another view when you go to Reservations > Banquet where you can see tabelar view of the reservations. You can also create new bookings form here and view all existing bookings details.

For any questions or suggestions please use the small chat icon on the right side of the screen and write us :)

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