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Everything about SPA Module
Everything about SPA Module
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If your hotel offers any of the SPA & Wellness facilities then you should use our SPA module too and automatize your daily operations even more, it is not needed to mention that everything is fully integrated with our Reception System and Billing.

How to activate SPA Module?

Go to Settings > Marketplace > Inactive > SPA > Activate

When you click on the button Activate a popup window will open so you can setup your SPA facility working time.

When you activated the feature you need to add all SPA Facility employees so you can assign specific services to them.

How to add employees to the SPA Facility?

You need to go to Settings > Users > Add New User

Then you should enter your employee name and email and most important create user type SPA.

By default, if you just enter a name, email, and Type: SPA this user will be able to see only reservations that are assigned to him/her, create only his reservations, and see a calendar view and services calendar only for the specified user.
So SPA User1 will not be able to view SPA User2's bookings and services unless you give him an option in the settings of the user that for example, Reservations are Visible, then he can see all.

How to add SPA Facilities my hotel offers?

In Settings > Rooms/Extras you will now have the option to add a new SPA Facility.

If you click on that blue plus icon next to SPA Facility a popup will open so you can enter it's details.

Note that we are releasing soon options to add services that can be bought in the specific SPA Facility. Examples would be 'Massage Room' services 'Relax Massage', 'Sports Massage', 'Foot Massage' etc..

How to add SPA Booking and view the calendar?

For the SPA we have 2 types of calendars: Calendar by Services & Calendar by SPA Users.

To view them go to Calendar > SPA Calendar or Calendar > SPA Users Calendar.

SPA Calendar (Calendar by Services)

SPA Users Calendar (Calendar by Employees)

New Booking Creation

So when you click on any of the marked options in the screens above or you just click on the calendar for the desired time & service you will see next popup.

We are also releasing a feature where you can add some of your hotel's extra services for the spa reservation so you can put addons for each booking if the guests want them.

Entire bookings list

As for the hotel reservations we also have a page where you can see all the SPA Bookings.
Go to Reservations > SPA and you will see all the reservations in tabular view sorted as per your wish.

Do you have SPA Reports?

Of course, we do.

Just go to Reports > SPA Bookings and Reports > SPA Revenue, and you will see a detailed report of your SPA Facilities income and the possibility to filter by dates, users, services, etc.

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