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Our Guest App and everything you need to know about it
Our Guest App and everything you need to know about it
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From hotels to rentals - managing your guests' experiences has never been easier.

OTASync Guest App is fully web-based, so guests don't need to download an app in order to use it, they can use it straight from their phone just like an extension of your website.

Guests will receive the uniqe link when the reservation is made with all their details and reservation details imported so they can do quick online check-in and skip the waiting line on arrival, enter their pre-arrival info and check-in time, explore what do you offer beside accommodation they booked, view the info from the guest book, send requests before and while in-property, see their billing etc. all fully whitelabeled and smooth aligned with your brand guidelines.

So, main question...

How to set up the Guest App?

To start using the guest app first you'll need to go to Settings > Marketplace > Guest App > Activate.

When you do this you will have the option to automatically send the guest app when creating a private reservation or editing the reservation for other guests.

The option will be on the last step of the reservation edit modal.

How to set up Guest Book Questions?

As the Online Check-In part and the My Booking part are automatically generated based on guest reservation-specific parts that are fully customizable as Guest Book and Additional Offers are set up by yourself.

To set up the Guest Book please go to Settings > Property Policies and on the right part you will see the Guest Book section.

To add new simply click on the '+' icon and insert the question that is readable by the guest and then you can put as detailed answer as possible. You can also add attachments such as images or some files in case you need it.

How to set up Additional Offer section?

By default, we have next Categories in our system with default images and names:

  • Drinks

  • Food

  • Laundry Services

  • Mini Bar

  • SPA Center

  • Tax

  • Other

You are free to add as many of them and choose any custom image for your category.

Example here is 'Handpicked Tours'.

You can do so by going to Settings > Rooms/Extras > Extra Categories and then you can customize current ones or create new ones.

When you create categories you should follow this article on how to add extra item into the category:

Finally do not forget on tiny things such as:

  • Property Logo

  • Property Title

  • Property Description

  • Property Address and Location

  • Property Phone Number

  • Check-In and Check-Out Times

All of this can be added inside the Settings > Booking Engine or Settings > Property Policies.

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