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What is a Yield Calendar and how to use it?
What is a Yield Calendar and how to use it?
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A yield calendar is a type of calendar where you can see your specific room type and rate plan price for the next 12 months and change prices right there by using your preconfigured variations and see the color/variation for the specific day if the variation was applied.

There by knowing how the sale of specific room types is going on you can modify and apply other variations you have.

Where is located Yield Calendar?

It can be visible here in the Calendars submenu or the revenue icon

How to configure Yield Calendar?

1. Go to Yield Settings
2. Assign different % or fixed value variations, positive or negative and assign colors to it
3. Save

* You can add up to 40 different variations combined.

How to use the Yield Calendar?

After you have assigned your variations using this calendar is super simple.

Basically, you just need to click on the variation on the left and then click (or click and drag) on the dates you want to apply the selected variation.

Just hit the green checkbox icon above in order to save the changes, or red 'x' to cancel.

What do those numbers mean?

So there are 4 numbers in a single date box:
1. Date number
2. Current price with applied variation (active price) the arrow next to it shows if that price is higher or lower than the original rate plan price
3. Old price (rate plan price, non-active price)

4. On the bottom is the available number of units for that day

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