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Calendar Operations
Calendar Operations
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Main purpose of Calendar is to simplify all operations  regarding reservations, including creating, overview and editing.

On the calendar, reservations can be made by draging (with left mouse click) accross the desired dates and room. More information about creating reservations can be found in this topic:

Every booked room can be moved in two directions. First is by date (horizontaly) and the second is by room (verticaly).

If the reservation is moved from one room to a room of a different type, the system will, within the pop up room change warning, offer the "Update price" option. When it's selected, the price will be changed according to the pricelist for the new room type. By default this option is not selected and the reservation will keep the original price.

When a reservation is moved to a date and room that is already occupied, system will recognize potential overbooking and offer two options:

  1. Reservations can swap room numbers. This option will be presented on the calendar even before the operation is completed.

  2. The existing reservation will be transferred to the "overbooking" room to make room for the new reservation. This overbooking will be clearly indicated by a message above the Calendar.

Both of these operations will not affect the dates of an existing reservation, but only the one that is moved from one date to another.

Capacity search

Via the filter in the upper right corner

an advanced capacity search can be accessed. It is enough to select the desired dates, room types and whether you are looking for free or occupied rooms and the system will display the result on the calendar.

If a more detailed search is required, it can be applied through the content list previously entered at the room level. In the following example, we are looking for all rooms with a sea view.

Navigation through the calendar itself can be done by clicking on the calendar icon and searching for the appropriate month and day, or by typing the desired date in the numerical format day/month/year, without additional punctuation marks.


Via the following icon

it is possible to enter the filters for the display of accommodation units, as well as for the display of the calendar itself.

Rooms can be sorted by type

Or by room number, whereby the rooms can be sorted alphabetically (1) or by number of floors (2). More about entering floors can be found at the following link.

Whatever display mode is chosen, the rooms (or types) can also be manually sorted as needed by simply dragging the room (or type) to the desired position.

If the reservation color display is changed from default by guest status to display by sales channel

then the possibility is opened for the user to influence the display of color either by changing the color in the sales channels

or directly on the reservation.

The filters on the bottom affect the display of the calendar itself, that is, which options will be displayed on it.

Options Availability, Price and Min. stay, if they are included, are open for changing the value directly on the calendar when the view by room type is set.

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