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What is Floor Calendar and how to set it up and use it?
What is Floor Calendar and how to set it up and use it?
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The Floor Calendar is handy stuff for the reception and housekeeping manager.

It shows you rooms by floor plan and you can see room status differentiated by color.

You can also view the current reservation details of the room (if it is occupied) and create new reservations for the available rooms.

How to set up the Floor Calendar?

  1. Go to Settings > Rooms/Extras and scroll down to Floor Management

  2. To add new Floor just click on the blue + button on the right corner

3. There you can choose room numbers for Floor 1, and after saving you can repeat the procedure for the other floors in your property.

How to use the Floor Calendar?

After you assign room numbers to the floors you can use it.

There are 2 options on how to open the Floor Calendar.

1. Go to Calendar > Floor Calendar

2. While in any of the Calendars click on this icon

Below you will see an example of how it looks:

Each color has its meaning and here is the legend:

  • Gray - Clean and Empty Room

  • Yellow - The room is occupied and requires regular cleaning

  • Red - Guests have checked out today and the room requires general cleaning

  • Blue - The room is clean, empty and there is check-in today

  • Green - Guests have arrived in the room today

  • Black - Room is Out Of Service

  • Dark Green - The Guest is leaving today but still has not left the room

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