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How to scan guest ID document via APP?
How to scan guest ID document via APP?
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As always OTA Sync is here to help you to do the same job you regular do but at least 5-10x faster and to prevent any human error. We do this by constantly adding lot of top-notch functions and one of these is MRZ CODE Scanner.

Machine Readable Zone – MRZ Lines / Code is a three-letter abbreviation of “Machine Readable Zone”, found at most travel passports and some driver’s licenses and ID cards. By scanning MRZ code from your guests documents we can automatically pull their personal details into our system.

To do so please follow steps bellow:

  1. If you had not already, download our APP

  2. Log in with your credentials and go to Reservations tab

3. Go to reservation details of existing reservations (or enter new one and then go to reservation details) and scroll down to guests part

4. Tap on existing guest or on “+” symbol to add new guest

5. Above you have symbol “?” where you can click and follow the instructions that are required to be done after clicking on “Take a Photo of Code on ID”

Important to note is that you make clear picture so that scanner can work great. If picture is made in the low light or it is not clear errors may happen, if that is the case you have the possibility to manually edit automatically added guest details.

At the end just save, exist guest details and follow the procedure for new guests.

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