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How to add extra service on the Booking Engine or in the Reservation?
How to add extra service on the Booking Engine or in the Reservation?
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Extra services if advertised correctly can create huge profits for hotels.

With us, there is no limit to what and how you want to offer to the guests.

It can be simple as an Airport Transfer, a bottle of champagne, breakfast, SPA services, or some daily tour, your choice.

So how to set up your first extra service?

Go to Settings > Rooms/Extras > and on the right part you will see the option to Add New Extra

Explanations on what each option does:

  1. Title of the Extra Service which will be viewed by guests

  2. We added some predefined to help you around (you don't need to use it)

  3. We added also some categories to help you group your extra services (you can also add custom categories)

  4. Price for your extra service, in field 6 you can choose how you will price it

  5. If there is some TAX for it

  6. Is it one time, daily, per room, per person, etc...

  7. Important setting > Do you want to set this visible on the booking engine?

  8. Is this maybe included in some rooms for free? (Like some luxury item in the penthouse for free)

  9. Is it available to be booked only for guests staying in some specific rooms?

  10. Mandatory - if you want that your guests MUST buy this if they book with you in specific rooms.

  11. If you want to enable/disable specific extra services according to your restriction plans (breakfast or pool use or spa maybe)

  12. If you don't want to manage availability with a restriction plan you can manually choose date range

  13. A description which will be viewed by guests

  14. Images that will represent it.

You can create as many extra services as you want.
They look like this on the booking engine:

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